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Bamboo Circus R&D

Imagineer, Orit Azaz and NoFit State Circus have come together to explore what circus structures, stories and performance can be created with UK-grown bamboo.

After an intensive period of R&D, a brand new outdoor show - #BAMBOO - will tour the UK in 2024.

#BAMBOO is led by Director Mish Weaver and #BAMBOO co-Artistic Directors Tom Rack and Orit Azaz. Find out more at   

In spring 2023, as part of our Bamboo Circus R&D, we spent a dedicated period of time experimenting with the phyllostacys species of bamboo, grown in private gardens in Oxford, Cornwall and Somerset. NoFit State shared their findings later in the summer with special sharing events for audiences in Bedworth and Liverpool.

Bamboo Circus R&D is part of the Imagine Bamboo is Everywhere 2023 creative enquiry.

Bamboo Circus R&D film and images by John Street.