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Ascension Dance: The Other Side

Coventry-based Ascension Dance's touring performance work, The Other Side, has been developed out of their ongoing-relationship with Bridge and Imagineer.

Visitors to our Under The Bridge programme will usually be able to see Ascension perform their unique blend of movement inspired by parkour and free-running. The Other Side uses our self-supporting bridge kit, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's design, as the basis for the performance.

The Other Side is about consumerism and the human desire for more. It is a highly physical outdoor  performance that tackles the ideas of bridging differences and divides in order for everyone to benefit. The performers realise that the only way to succeed will be by finding a way to work together, support each other and lift one another up.

Ascension Dance is a contemporary dance company based in Coventry, who take inspiration from parkour and free-running. Created in 2017 by Ashley Jordan and Ben Morley, Ascension are committed to creating high quality movement provision for young people, and eye-catching performance work that has human connection and raw physicality at its centre.

A free-standing bridge made of logs fills a picture. Above it, a young dancer launches himself up into the air in a great leap.
The Other Side by Ascension Dance has been supported by Imagineer

Four dancers face the viewer in a line. In front of them are logs that will form the basis of a free-standing self-supporting bridge. The dancers wear loose, comfortable clothing in plain colours.
The performance uses our bridge kits as the basis for a story about consumerism

A dancer stands on top of the free-standing bridge, her hands stretched into the sky. She balances on one foot whilst another dancer supports her.
The performers learn to bridge their divides and support each other

The four dancers throw a heavy wooden pole into the air. Each person is captured mid-movement, with arms raised and legs stretched.
Ascension are usually present as part of our Under the Bridge programme

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