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Imagine Bamboo Summit

Thank you to everyone who attended the Imagine Bamboo Summit - four days of bamboo talk, building, play and engineering in Birmingham's Sunset Park. 

Over four days, we created extraordinary structures from bamboo, experimented with bamboo circus performance and heard from some of the world's leading practitioners in bamboo engineering and design. Download the programme.

On Monday 4 July, A Monday Morning Meeting Like No Other brought together leading figures from engineering, sustainability, art, design and higher education to discuss the future of bamboo in the UK, in an event hosted by Andy Street (West Midlands Mayor) and Imagineer.

Thank you to all our contributors from across the globe, including NoFit State Circus, Atelier One, Ghana Bamboo Bikes, Bamboo U, Rhizome, Cave Urban, digital artist Ling Tan, Arup, Bamboo Bicycle Club, Bamboologic and Coventry University.