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Imagine Bamboo is Everywhere 2024

In 2024, Imagineer and independent creative director Orit Azaz set out on another bamboo adventure, as Imagine Bamboo is Everywhere extends our creative enquiry out across the UK.

The year began with an exciting series of creative enquiry days, with interior, design and architecture students and staff at Coventry University

We are collaborating with NoFit State circus to create BAMBOO, a new outdoor touring circus theatre show, building on the bamboo circus R&D that took place in 2022/3.

BAMBOO is a NoFit State production directed by Mish Weaver, in collaboration with Orit Azaz and Imagineer Productions. It is supported by the Arts Council of Wales, the Foyle Foundation, and Without Walls, and commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Hat Fair and Timber Festival. 

Communities in Nuneaton and Bedworth also join the adventure, taking part in bamboo-based arts activities as part of the Creative Explorers programme, lead by Imagineer and Artichoke with Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.

All strands of the 2024 project focus on bamboo that either does or could grow in the UK and maximise sustainability as much as possible through circular design approaches.