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Bamboo in the UK

Imagine Bamboo has been developed in collaboration with bamboo specialists from across the world, as well as in the UK. Those of us based in the UK are keen to share resources and information to enable others to embark on their own exploration of this incredible sustainable material. 

Here are some links we have gathered so far - please let us know of any others so we can continue to develop this resource.


People in UK working in bamboo

Atelier One  

Bamboo Bicycle Club 

David Trujillo / Coventry University 

Brilliant Bamboo / Gemma Thomas 

Michael Brisbane, UK Bamboo Society


Useful documents and how to find them

Link to research papers:

Brilliant Bamboo Bookshop UK

TOWARDS RESILIENT BAMBOO FORESTRY a Reference Guide for Improved Management of Clumping Bamboo for Timber Bamboo -

Structural use of bamboo - The Institution of Structural Engineers (

ISO 22156:2021 - Bamboo structures — Bamboo culms — Structural design


Where to get bamboo plants in the UK

There is a Bamboo UK group on Facebook with knowledgeable growers 

Scottish Bamboo

Pan Global Plants

Where to get bamboo canes/culms in the UK

UK Bamboo Supplies


Where can you visit different kinds of bamboo growing in the UK?

Batsford Arboretum

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Eden Project

Ness Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Trebah Garden

Cambridge Botanic Garden