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Bridge took its inspiration from many different sources, from engineers and artists to people who are bridging social and cultural divides.

 "You have not truly engaged in reconciliation until your own people feel you have betrayed them"

The Very Reverend John Witcombe, Dean of Coventry


Bridging divides

Imagine a bridge, in all its meaning and connotations. Whether your first thought is of engineering and design, or of the healing of human relationships, bridges are a link that bring people together. 

Bridge was inspired by the gap between two sides – the bit that is broken or unfinished – and the effort, good humour, courage and imagination of people needed to connect across the gap.


Stories of bridge-building

In 2018 we collected stories from people in Coventry, Grantham and Worcester about their experiences of bridge-building and bridge-burning; we then gathered more stories from the people of Dagenham during 2020. These stories provided the inspiration for the creation of Bridge; some of their voices can be heard in the Bridge Stories podcast.

Visual artist Tom Jones makes a line drawing on a flip chart. He is capturing stories of bridge-building. The photo was taken at the Festival of Imagineers in 2018.

Visual artist Tom Jones captures stories of bridge-building at the Festival of Imagineers in Coventry


Quotes from our research

"If you’re going to burn a bridge, you have to do it quickly to minimize the pain." 
Young man, Coventry

"My elderly mum was facing what seemed like impossible odds to cross the bridge from illness back to health, but she did it and everyone thought it was a miracle."
Fraya, Coventry

"There shouldn’t be such a thing as ‘normal’ as that’s what’s creating all the division everywhere."
Female, Coventry

"A woman fell out with her mother but made up with her for the sake of her three children, even though the fallout wasn’t her fault."
Female, Grantham

"My greatest bridge building achievement is my 50 year marriage. An epic act of tolerance on both sides."
Male, Grantham

"Physical bridges are much easier to build than emotional ones between people. You know where you are with materials."
Female, Grantham

"You can make friends by hugging them, sharing hobbies, and making them laugh."
Year 6 children, Grantham

"To make real bridges, you can’t do it on your own, it has to be built from both sides." 
Bangladeshi geophysicist, Grantham

"We house overseas students with families in the UK so that their stay provides them with some familiar home comforts like pets and a family environment. It’s their bridge to a new country."
Sue and Mary, Worcester

"You should try and build bridges with your family, even if they’re not perfect (which no family is) as one day you might get ill and regret not reaching out."
Nancy, Worcester

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