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Amaranthine at Coventry Cathedral

This event has now passed

Coventry Cathedral
Tuesday 24th – Saturday 28th September, 10am-4pm

Amaranthine is a new artwork in Coventry Cathedral, inspired by Bridge, the Leonardo da Vinci mathematical bridge and conversations with the Dean of Coventry Cathedral, John Witcombe.

Long ago poets envisaged an immortal flower that never faded, and named it amaranthine. Like amaranthine, the human desire to connect, grow and flourish is immortal and will prove itself in the most dire situations. 

Artist impression of Amaranthine

Several Da Vinci bridges come together in a circular shape, each bridge leaning on the other. In a chaotic but beautiful rebirth of life and colour, intricately braided fabrics are draped and woven in and around the structure. The rope consists of fabric collected and braided by groups and schools around Coventry, each contributing to this one rope, representing the synergy of all participants in the spiralling growth of society.  

Amaranthine is created by Arup with artist Jasmine McInerney, the Coventry community and 8 Coventry secondary schools.