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Bridge gallery

Bridge in Liverpool

Highlights of our time in Liverpool, 5-7 August 2021 


Bridge in Dagenham

Highlights of our time in Dagenham, 8-10 July 2021. 


Bridge in Coventry

Highlights of our time in Coventry, 26-28 September 2019. 


Bridge in Grantham

Highlights of our time in Grantham, 12-14 September 2019. 


Creating Bridge: An Impossible Performance?

The creative team have been hard at work creating a brand new performance, with circus, theatre, parkour, dance and music, in Imagineer's dedicated new creation space.


Imagineer's pop-up creation space

Imagineer has created a pop-up creation space just outside Coventry that has all the facilities required to make a new large-scale outdoor circus-theatre performance. This is the first space in the Midlands that supports training in Chinese pole, cradle and tightwire. 


Testing the Leonardo da Vinci bridge kit

The bridge kits are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's design for a self-supporting bridge. Communities will come together to build their own bridges, bringing people together who wouldn't normally meet. 

The team test out the Bridge kit
The Bridge kit is made of wooden poles which slot together to make a self-supporting structure
Anyone can make the bridge in less than two hours
It take a team to build a bridge
The bridge can easily support a full grown man (or two!)
Anyone fancy doing a bridge pose, on a bridge?


Fabricating the bridge at Bay Productions

Our unmissable bridge structure is the centrepiece of the project. See it come to life at Bay Productions.


Developing the concept of our bridge 

Designer Dan Potra's inspirations and concept drawings for the bridge.

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