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Liverpool bamboo artworks

Artist-makers from Liverpool City Region have created ambitious structures from bamboo. Inspired by local themes and landscapes, and organic patterns and forms, they have been experimenting with borinda bamboo harvested from nearby Ness Botanic Gardens and how to combine it with other natural, recycled and recyclable materials. 

Butterfly Wings 

Brian D Hanlon with Stephanie O’Hara   

Commissioned for the Knowsley Flower Show, the Butterfly Wings follow a parabolic twist, like a wing in movement. 



The Pod 

Faith Bebbington 

Inspired by the cell structure of bamboo under the microscope.


Bamboo Dreams 

Stephen Banning 

Inspired by the colours and movement of the Newton Show in St Helens, Bamboo Dreams contrasts the natural curves of the landscape with the harsh lines of industry.


The Curve in the Line 

Hannah Bold 

It’s about taking a long straight line of bamboo – splitting, curving and weaving it. Creating beautiful curves from a straight line. 


Framing Nature 

Becky Bryson 

An invitation to view things differently, inspired by the incredible views of Wirral Country Park.


Under the Sea 

Julian Taylor 

Bringing the waves closer to Southport.


The Lines and the Curves 

Sarah Gallagher-Hayes 

Straight canes create curves with exceptional strength. A reflection of the Halton bridges, linking communities and industry. 


In Flight 

Sarah Gallagher-Hayes 

Experimenting with splitting bamboo to create the curve and lightness of butterfly wings.



Alex Herring 

Inspired by a meadow of wild flowers and responding to the wonderful windy Wirral.


Bamboo Bends 

Image to follow

Created with Walton Youth and Greenhouse Project in Liverpool, experimenting with how to bend bamboo. 

Steve Threlfall / Urban Workbench 


Bamboo Bikes 

Customised by Faith Bebbington, Maeve Corke Butters, Becky Bryson, Steve Threlfall, Jo Pocock, Jed Long, Bring in the Fire and Urban Workbench