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Artistic Projects 2022

During summer and autumn 2022, Imagineer joined with partners across the UK to lead creative projects with bamboo in their local communities. This work built from the R&D and Creative Labs that took place in 2021and early 2022.

For Wye Valley River Festival, artists Beck Prior and Zoe Dunn made an outdoor sculpture from bamboo.

Bamboo is turned into a structure with horizontal pieces.
Beck Dunn and Zoe Prior building a bamboo structure at Wye Valley River Festival.

For Appetite Stoke, local communities took part in creative activities involving bamboo, led by Chloe Rickett, Francesca Wheeler and Monica Cru-Hall.

Artists holding their sculptures with bamboo ribbon.
Artists showcasing their bamboo ribbon creations created with Appetite Stoke.

The Bamboozled Sound Garden, designed and made by Transformations, was exhibited at Festival of Thrift in Redcar. Further projects took place across Liverpool City Region.

Thank you to our partners Wye Valley River Festival, Appetite, Festival of Thrift and Liverpool City Region.