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Digital Bridge

Bridge is about connecting across divides and bringing people together. In 2021, in response to Covid-19 - when people were prevented from meeting due to Lockdown - we devised a new set of digital activities that would allow people to be part of Bridge, even if they could not attend in person. We named our programme Digital Bridge.

Our thanks to digital artists Aaron Howell and Tim Dollimore

Here's what happened:

Bridge News  
Our round-up of all that happened Under the Bridge in Dagenham and Liverpool, edited and released on social media on the same day:


Instagram and Facebook filter

Our new experimental Instagram filter lets you put yourself into our bridge picture. Here’s what to do:

1. Log onto our Instagram or Facebook filter on your smart phone

2. You will see yourself magically appear in front of our broken bridge. Now for the fun bit: join up with a friend (or stranger) to find a creative way to put yourself in the picture and bridge the gap.

3. When you’re ready, say cheese, and take your photo. Post your pictures using #ImagineBridge so we can admire your creativity.

Our MC Dave demonstrates how it works:


What can I do with the Bridge filter?
Take your camera for a spin to discover all the different options - don’t forget to look up and down as well! You can make backgrounds bigger or smaller, and you can also rotate them. Just tap the background you want to edit and pinch it to make it bigger, smaller or rotate it. Tap it again when you’re done. 

How can I get the best results?
The filter works best with your rear camera. Try to be in a location with bright, uniform light and stand against a uniform background.

Any other tips?
Collaborate with a friend (or stranger) to experiment with more creative ideas! Try using a chair or step-ladder to 'step' on to the bridge.

Post your creations online using #ImagineBridge.

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