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Put yourself in the picture

Check out some of the fun and creative ways our visitors and performers have attempted to ‘bridge the gap’ in real life using a little camera trickery.

A massive rainbow coloured umbrella appears to patch up the gap between the bridge

A man stands under the bridge with his mouth wide open. Above, someone on the bridge appears to be putting his foot into the man's mouth. It is a fun trick on perspective!

A woman stands on the ground holding her hand out to reach another woman who is on top of the bridge. The perspective makes it appear that they are touching, when they are in fact several metres apart. The woman on the bridge is tiny compared to the giant woman at the front of the picture.

Two clowns wearing high vis clothes hold out a tape measure against the bridge. Up high, a performer steps out and appears to be walking on the tape measure.

A woman stands on the ground, her arms outstretched above her head. She appears to be lifting up two performers on either side of the broken bridge. Everyone is smiling.

A man in a wheelchair sits in front of the broken bridge. He is raising his hands into the air, and seems to be holding each side of the top of the broken bridge.

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